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The Engagement Process

The purpose of this engagement process is to ensure that the voices and wishes of  Manitobans—especially area residents, Indigenous peoples, local communities, and regional stakeholders—are considered when determining which areas should be conserved within the study area.

We conducted 27 meetings with community leaders, rightsholders and stakeholders in the first round of engagement.
More than 450 area residents and Manitobans with interests in the region shared their thoughts through our online survey. 

Thank you to all the groups that met with us and individuals who attended community meetings and open houses.

Thank you to the Knowledge Holders of FRCN and Peguis for sharing with us.

We are now analyzing what we heard along with western science and Indigenous Knowledge to help us develop a draft conservation proposal tailored to the specific needs of our region.


The draft conservation proposal will be presented to local communities, stakeholders, and the general public for comment in the second half of 2022.

We will then refine the proposal based on what we heard and present it to relevant provincial staff and Manitoba’s Minister for the Environment, Climate and Parks for consideration.

How To Use The Engagement Package

We have created a series of maps to help inform your comments. These maps identify ecological values, economic use or established interests, and developed areas. We have done our best to be inclusive of all present designations and known interests. We’re hoping that those engaged in providing comments will provide additional details if they have them.

Some people may have an interest in the entire study area. Others may be more concerned with specific zones, areas, lakes, or forests. You can share your views and information on the entire area, individual or multiple zones, or specific areas within zones.

We will be conducting meetings with regional community leaders and stakeholders and inviting residents to open houses to discuss this opportunity and seek input. You may also share your comments by mail or on this dedicated website.

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