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Area: ~1,277 sq km

The majority of Zone 9 is part of Hecla/Grindstone Park, a popular destination for nature-orientated recreational opportunities such as hiking, wildlife viewing, and cross-country skiing in a largely undisturbed environment. The provincial park is a popular destination for nature lovers and provides habitat for a number of native orchid species, as well as the elusive and "Interlake Famous" Lady Slipper.

The Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) inhabited the region prior to colonization, and Black Island is known to have spiritual significance to Anishinaabe peoples. Today, Anishinaabe of the region continue to gather here for berry-picking, hunting, and social gatherings.

Grindstone Point and Hecla Island Wildlife Refuges are part of this area, along with portions of the Lee Lake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and Lee Lake Game Bird Refuge. The Lee Lake WMA is home to the rare Yellow Rail, a reward for avid and patient birdwatchers.

The David G. Tomasson Wildlife Management Area, formerly known as Washow Bay WMA is also part of Zone 9. It provides habitat for moose, staging waterfowl, and bald eagles. This area of the Interlake is great for watching the bald eagle migration in October. The WMA also provides habitat for great blue herons, which have a rookery in the area.

This area also includes a significant portion of the Moose Creek Wildlife Management Area. Quarry leases are common in the southern portion of the area, as well as some community pasture land.

Peat mining is active in this zone.

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