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Comment Zone 7

Zone 7 Description

Area: ~2,200 sq km

The communities of Fisher River Cree Nation, Peguis, Hodgson, Fisher Branch, and Broad Valley are all located within this zone.

Comment Zone 7 contains the northernmost agricultural land in the study area. The northern part of the zone is also a significant waterfowl staging area.

It contains a significant number of species of conservation concern, some of which are threatened or endangered.

Another significant feature of this zone is Goldeye Lake.

Roy Lake, just north of Fisher Branch, is an established game bird refuge. The Broad Valley and Ewonchuk Wildlife Management Areas are located within the area, as well as parts of the Mantago Lake and Little Birch Wildlife Management areas.

Zone 7 is also significant in that it contains a significant amount of “alvar” habitat, which is a rare and unique type of ecosystem that supports species that are rare or non-existent in other areas of Manitoba or Canada. Globally, alvar habitats are quite rare.

Curious to learn more about alvars? Check the link below!

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Learn about alvars in the Interlake at this link.

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