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Zone 11 Description

Area: ~70 sq km

Zone 11 runs along the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, from Silver Harbour in the south, to the mouth of the Icelandic River in the north. This area is a popular camping and cottage destination, known for its extensive sandy beaches. The communities of Hnausa, Balaton Beach, Valhalla, and Silver Harbour are located within this zone.

The Sandy Bar Special Conservation Area is a unique ecosystem named for the sandy spits of land that extend out into Lake Winnipeg from just east of Riverton and from Hecla Island toward the west shore of the lake. Sandy Bar is an Important Bird Area (IBA), home to significant concentrations of Ring-billed Gulls and Common Terns.

Land cover in this zone is a mix of wetlands, upland forest, grassland/rangeland, and cropland.

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Learn about the Riverton Sandy Bar IBA at this link.

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